Come On Down, Y’all

Five Reasons To Attend PyTennessee

Attending conferences is a habit every great programmer cultivates. Here are some reasons why PyTennessee is worthy of making your personal lineup.

1. Update Your Knowledge Portfolio

Interested in gaining practical knowledge that you can immediately put to use? PyTennessee has you covered. Our talks span a wide variety of subjects, including cybersecurity, web applications, software development lifecycles, and design patterns.

2. Get Inspired

We fly in speakers from all over the world to help you push your boundaries. At PyTennessee, you will hear industry leaders speak about how they organize both their code and careers. We guarantee you will walk away with some concrete ideas for your own.

3. We’re Completely Virtual

This year, you don’t even have to get off the couch to attend PyTennessee. Watch our live stream in real-time, or check out the videos on YouTube after the event, all without venturing into the outside world.

4. The People

Whether you are hiring or looking to get hired, you will never find a denser collection of the South’s best programmers than you will at PyTennessee. Even if aren’t frequenting human resources these days, it’s a great opportunity to gain new friends, peers, mentors, and mentees.

5. Maximum Value

Now in its 8th year, PyTennessee has gained a reputation as one of the best regional Python conferences in America. Our conference is free and open to anyone this year; anyone who wants to can seize this opportunity to accelerate their Python programming skills and career.

We look forward to seeing you there!